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General Information

Bookings & Holiday Periods


Bookings can be made over the phone but please be aware that we are very busy during Bank holidays and school holidays and we genuinely urge you to book early to avoid disappointment.



School Holdays, 5 consecutive days, Christmas period, 3 consecutive days, 24th to 26th December.



Cats cannot be received or collected on the 24th, 25th or 26th of December.


All cats must be fully vaccinated against Cat Flu (Feline Calicivirus) and Feline Infectious Enteritis and must have had a prescription flea treatment such as Stronghold, Advocate etc.  NOT Frontline, Broadline or products from a pet shop

Neutered males only please.


No highly strung Orientals, male Bengals or male Maine Coones

If a cat is abandoned and there has been no contact from the owner for one month the cat will be rehomed or taken to a rescue centre



Your cat must arrive in a sturdy cat carrier (one cat per carrier) which may also be used in case of a Veterinary visit or stay.  Please be aware that some cheaper brands of carriers can and will fall apart with the weight of an adult cat

It will be comforting for your cat if you bring bedding and blankets that you use at home, please bring a minimum of three items including a small fleece etc but please DO NOT bring personal items such as underwear, shoes, insoles, dirty socks or dirty sheets with 'your scent' on.

Toys & treats (no need to bring Dreamies, we supply them already!)

Small scratching post or pad (essential)

Copies of vaccination cards with microchip number for each cat boarded



When you arrive you will be asked to fill in an Authorisation for veterinary treatment form giving full permission for any treatment necessary in case you cannot be contacted whilst away together with some details in the registration book-

  • Home address

  • Home Telephone number (this is essential as I sometimes need to contact you after your cats stay)

  • Emergency contact number (again essential)

  • Vets name

  • Cats age

  • Details of any health problems

  • Date of last vaccinations

  • Date of last flea treatment and product used

  • Usual diet


You may also write anything else that you want me to know about and bring that along with you


I have Petplan Sanctuary insurance cover.
Vet fees up to £1,500.00 in case of illness etc incurred whilst in the cattery, this excludes any pre existing conditions.  Exclusions apply, a copy of the policy terms and conditions can be viewed at the cattery.

Broomhurst Cattery is licensed by Hart District Council for 25 cats.

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