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About Myself and the Cattery


My life on the farm has always revolved around animals and I currently have chickens, cats, dogs and horses.  Animals are my life and I'm proud to run a small cattery where I can look after all my cats giving each and every one of them the individual attention they deserve.


The cattery consists of 20 wood and wire pens.  Each has a heated sleeping area where the cat can hide away in private preferably with a bed or blanket from your home for comfort.  I have bedding if this is not possible. The temperature is regularly checked and heat is maintained at between 14 and 26 degrees C  for your cats comfort. The doors open into a central corridor with safety gates for full security.


There are slide up and down windows which can be opened or closed depending on the weather / direction of wind and rain etc. All pens comply with current legislation and the cattery is inspected annually by Hart District Council.  Isolation pens are available in case a cat needs to be quarantined.


Joanne Adams


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