General Welfare During Your Cats Stay


Your cats health and happiness is of utmost importance and I treat them as if they are my own during their stay.
If any of my guests need Veterinary attention whilst in my care I will take them to your own vet where your cats history is known.
For any pre existing medical conditions I am happy to administer all forms of medication whether it is tablets, ointment , drops or injection at no extra charge.  I also have calibrated scales if you want your cat weighing.



I always feed the same food you feed at home which is included in the boarding fee.  I have a good selection, wet and dry and and can easily get anything I do not have in stock.  If what you feed is slightly different please say at the time of booking and I will ensure that it is in stock for when you arrive.  Any Veterinary prescription diets must be provided by you and enough should be brought along to cover your cats stay.
Cats are usually fed twice a day but if your cat needs a different feeding schedule please let me know and I will feed accordingly.



Cats will have a maintenance groom daily but any that arrive with a matted coat or are dangerous to groom will have to visit a qualified groomer in the owners time.


You are very welcome to text me or phone my mobile to see how your cat is adjusting to his / her stay at any time.